The answer is that we have always welcomed affiliates from all countries.  We have never specified that affiliates have to be from only certain countries.  The caveat is that it would only make sense for you to market House of Freedom trusts, because that is the only one of our products which is global.  Or, you can market the US-based products, if you have marketing methods for marketing to US customers.  Otherwise, you would only market the trusts outside the USA. 

As far as payments are concerned, we pay by check in USD.  We are installing a new system which is expected to add new options, such as payment via Stripe, but until then, we are happy to mail checks to you if you can get your bank over there to accept them.  We would prefer not to have to go to the trouble of getting international money orders unless you are generating large volume . . . like more than 5 trust sales per 2-week pay period.