As to the pretender lender collection agents calling you, I'm sorry they're harassing you by phone.

In the Liberty instructions, you may have seen that it says "If they ever call you, tell them you won't discuss it on the phone -- that you will only respond in writing -- and furthermore, that they have been notified in writing, via certified mail number such-and-such -- that they have been ordered NOT to call. Once a customer demands that, it is the LAW that they have to stop. Then it is ILLEGAL for them to call -- tell them that. Everything has to be in writing only."

In the dispute letter, it says they are to "cease telephonic communications". Thus you have notified them of that by Certified Mail, after which it is illegal for them to continue calling you. If they continue, you can collect substantial money for each one of their calls. There is a group that teaches how to collect $500 for every one of those calls. Keep a log of every one of the calls, and even record them if you can.

The group's site is I've never used them, but a friend told me he knows some people who have, with success. One guy collected $20,000 in one month. He said he HOPED they would keep calling -- he needs the money!

As soon as my staff and I have had time, we plan to have learned what that website teaches and plan to have figured out a way to bring its methods in-house here at La Verite. In the meantime, it does offer an attractive solution and we are happy to turn you on to it as an outsource. If you follow their method, please let us know what your experience with it is.