It is good for you to know that via Google you will encounter a sea of websites with all kinds of opinions all over the map about trusts. Very few of them are even discussing the exact TYPE of trust that Randall sets up, and among those, none of them know about the superior legal simplicity, purity, and style with which Randall writes his. This is because his is private, and is not discussed on any website, except in one or two place where people posted my one-page letter about them.

If you like absorbing a vast variety of opposing opinions, many of which contain disinformation or misinformation, because your intellect is huge and you can handle the controversies with ease, then fine -- survey the Google landscape. But if your intent is more practical, and you simply want to have the very best and most user-friendly protection, with the lowest likelihood of any problems, it would be good to simply be grateful that you have already found the best. Don’t confuse yourself by the others.