Believe it or not, we don't conduct workshops. You are over complicating things. You need to relax! It is really simpler and better than you seem to be imagining. We think companies that run big promotions of trusts or other legal entities with seminars and so on actually do less good for their clients than Randall is doing. Precisely because he has so few clients, and is so little-known, he is able to act more like a friend and give more personal attention. Companies that run workshops, on the other hand, are less personal, and will be less caring, with less personal concern or attention.

Randall has an excellent history of avoiding trouble, and his clients have generally avoided problems with the trusts as well, due to the proper design of the trusts, and the recommendations Randall provides for proper operation of the trusts.

You are more fortunate than you may realize, to have the offer to be introduced to Randall. He is not famous or high profile and we want to keep it that way. Neither he nor I have advertised his services. I was invited a few times to speak on certain conference calls about the credit card debt cancellation and the trusts, but frankly, I didn't want to be going that high profile, talking to thousands of people. But people kept asking, and so I finally consented. But otherwise, I have not publicized Randall's services, and neither does he. You are very fortunate to learn about him.

If you found information about this on a website, neither he nor I posted it. Someone else posted it, usually without even our knowledge or consent. Other than that, Randall’s business has always been by word of mouth only, and good reputation.

(The question below adds more to this thought about learning, so please read that too.)