Meeting Randall in person would not guarantee that the trust he sets up for you would protect you. If Randall had a website, that too could be misleading, as many websites are. It is not the meeting or the website that gives credibility. I can assure you that the trust will protect you, and that Randall is honest and of integrity, but you also don't know me. I understand. The way that you can know, is by understanding some very simple things.

One, no government anywhere has any right to prevent you from entrusting your assets to anyone else, including a trust.

Two, if you transfer ownership of your assets to another entity, you no longer own them. If you no longer own them, no one can take them from you.

Three, the trust that Randall sets up for you is written in plain, simple, easy-to-understand English. It is not complicated and it does not require a law-school-educated attorney to understand. You can understand it yourself, just by reading it. In reading it, you can see very plainly that it protects you, it protects your assets, it gives you control, removes liability, and allows for nearly infinite flexibility.

Four, this flexibility allows you to structure it and operate it just about any way you want to . . . as long as you aren't violating the rights of anyone else. This means that you are in the driver's seat . . . and you won't need to trust me, or Randall, or anyone else. If you can trust yourself, you will see in the trust document that it will give you whatever arrangements you want.