No, it is not a "total life makeover". All it is, is acquiring a wonderful instrument with which you can do many things. You don't HAVE to do anything in particular with it. It's entirely up to you. Neither Randall nor I can advise you what to do with it. But I'll share a simple thing that CAN be done with it, by anyone who acquires such a trust. One can do all banking, business, and commerce in the name of the trust. That way, when customers or clients pay for anything, or one receives money or payment for anything, it goes to the trust. For nontaxpayers, filing is not an issue, but even for filers, one would have no income in one’s personal name to report. So even if one files, it is more possible that one may not owe anything.

The trust can pay all one’s bills, as well as whatever other distributions one designates, assuming sufficient money has been put into the trust, such as humanitarian donations, investments, business expenses, etc. One can write checks out of it the same way one would out of one’s personal or corporate name if one had no trust. One can use the Visa or MasterCard debit card to withdraw cash out of it just as one would do in one’s personal name.

Thus, the reason I say it is not a "total life makeover", is it is not as complicated as you seem to be imagining. It's really very simple. You could just continue doing everything you were doing before. The only difference is, now you could be doing it in the name of the trust.