Yes and no. It depends on whether you have the mental strength to sue them. The Liberty system by itself is just a letter writing campaign. That is sufficient to get pre-judgment debts cancelled, but it is not sufficient to reverse a judgment. To reverse a judgment, you will have to sue them. Further, most attorneys are wimps when it comes to going against the banks. They’re afraid of losing their licenses. And they’re mostly ignorant about the secrets of money and the Federal Reserve. So it would be hard for you to find an attorney to represent you, who would understand the content of the Liberty system and make it the centerpiece of the lawsuit. If you are prepared to go Pro Se (representing yourself), or In Propria Persona (as yourself), and feel that you have both the determination and the legal skills to handle court procedure, then you could purchase the Liberty system and make the arguments in it the centerpiece of your lawsuit. The allegations in the Liberty system are undefeated and undefeatable by the pretender lender institutions, but in order to win, you would also have to be skilled at court procedure, to absolutely force your opponents to answer what is in the Liberty documents. Otherwise they will weasel out of it and avoid having to answer, claiming they’re not required to answer. You have to force them to answer to The Truth, after which our company is named, in French, “La Verite”.